Tenant kills landlord’s son in Sagamu

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At the point when 47-year-old truck driver, Segun Oso, was coming back from chapel administration penul­timate Sunday, much to his dismay that he would wind up the day as a visitor of the police for a claimed horrifying wrongdoing. He had gone to chapel where he implored, moved and left the administration brimming with trusts in a productive week ahead.

In any case, obscure to him, those trusts would sooner than later be broken into pieces by a squabble he later picked with the child of his proprietor as he came back to his Ewuga, Makun, Sagamu home.

The landowner’s child, Tope Sogede, was said to have stood up to Oso over a toxic substance suspected to be carbide he professedly kept in a spot inside of the compound, which Tope’s one and a half year old youngster, Semilore, had mixed up for sustenance and expended part of.

One of the inhabitants in the house who saw Semilore expending the carbide was said to have raised the alert, drawing in other people who then rapidly gave the newborn child some medical aid to kill the impact of the toxic substance before hurrying him to the healing center for treatment.

Tope’s wife was said to have alarmed her spouse on telephone about the episode. Tope then quickly surged back home and soon after, Oso as well, came back from chapel.

As per Tope’s senior sibling, Olawale Sogede, who asserted to have seen the occurrence, Oso and his more youthful sibling then drew in one another in a hot contention over the matter. He said the two men practically got into a fight yet he succeeded in mediating and settling the squabble before it further degener­ated into fisticuffs.

Olawale said that the two men and himself then left the scene for their different apart­ments, yet right away a while later he all of a sudden heard his more youthful sibling’s anguished cry from outside, yelling Oso had wounded him with a blade on his head.

Olawale said he quickly hurried out and he was faced with the violent sight of his more youthful sibling soaked in his own blood, which consistently spouted out from the back of his ear and mouth which the blade had pierced through. He further charged that when he got outside, he saw Oso as yet holding a blood-recolored blade.

Olawale likewise guaranteed that it was Oso’s wife, famously called Iya Fawaz who grabbed the blood-recolored blade far from her spouse. He included that they then im­mediately went looking for medications that could prevent Tope from losing more blood from the wounds professedly exacted on him by his attacker.

Olawale clarified that when the medical aid connected to Tope’s wounds neglected to stop the overwhelming stream of blood, they needed to surge him to a private healing facility in the region where he later kicked the bucket.

Looking upset with shreds welling in his eyes, Olawale said that Tope surrendered the apparition in the healing center while getting treatment for the wounds professedly caused on him before by Oso.

The Sogede family, then again, got the stunner of their lives when they went to the Makun Police Station, Sagamu to report the occurrence and they found that Oso had come there before them and had effectively held up a grievance that he was cut by someone he had a squabble with.

Our reporter assembled that Oso had supposedly dispensed a blade damage on himself before he went to make a report to the police, which issued him the freedom to go and treat himself in the doctor’s facility.

Anyhow, tragically for the affirmed executioner, obscure to him, he had looked for treatment in the same private doctor’s facility where his casualty had before kicked the bucket.

Oso was said to have been captured at the clinic by the police and quickly con­fessed to have carried out the affirmed wrongdoing.

The police promptly took him back to the station and confined him, while they additionally kept Tope’s body in the funeral home.

As at the season of documenting this report, Oso was all the while being held in authority at the Makun Police Station, Sagamu. Sources at the station, be that as it may, said that his case would soon be exchanged to the Ogun State Police Com­mand Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta for further examination.

Source: sunnewsonline


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