Tenant Screening: The First Step to Avoiding Lawsuits

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They’re the quiet creatures that hide around every area, getting durability with every leaking tube on your residence and messed up papers in your office . . .

Lawsuits. Yes, the reason why you bring insurance and keep a lawyer’s card on your bottom line. No property owner or residence owner prefers to see the phrase or think of the repercussions, but we’re here to emphasize you that common-sense alternatives can keep legal cases at bay, enhance your business, and help you sleep better at night.

Here are a few:

Renter Verification. Obvious? Sure. But it’s worth duplicating that an extensive tenant testing process is your first protection against legal cases. When tenant reviews consist of a full qualifications and credit assessment, you know the person before they move in. Renter qualifications history assessments secure against reasonable property problems, too.

Documentation. Does your lease protect every possible contingency? Every one? Have your lawyer give it a second look, spending special attention to things like conditions of occupancy, property owner access, and maintenance. Study it over, and then look again. Keep a history of every official connection with renters, no matter how small.

Communication. Need to close the water down? Discover pattern in the basement? Whenever a problem makes difficulty or health issues, notify each tenant in composing and keep duplicates.

Maintenance & Protection. Need we say more? If your residence isn’t above rule with state-of-the-art for security, you’re asking for problems. Study the long game with servicing, too; see our past publish for residence servicing tips.

Know The Law. An lawyer shouldn’t be your only protection against legal cases. Condition and government reasonable property rules are always modifying, and as a property owner or residence owner it’s imperative—and often mandated—that you keep on top of the law. Ask your local property or residence Control Company about training possibilities.

Remember, tenant testing is the first step to a powerful lease business—but not the only one.

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