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Screening a tenant for your property doesn’t have to be such a pain. That’s why we’ve developed automatic online tenant screening to help you manage your applications and pick the best applicants for your property. We’re partnering with TransUnion to provide you a seamless way to perform credit, eviction and background screens directly from your Rentobo dashboard.

How does it work?

When a potential applicant sees your rental ad across one of the many real estate search sites (learn more about listing syndication), they will see a link to apply directly to the property. After they complete their application, you will have the option to screen their credit, background and eviction history. The results are directly available for you to see — no paper, faxes or other services necessary.

Why do I need tenant screening?

We’ve talked to dozens of landlords and found that screening a tenant properly beforehand can result in a significant reduction of potential problems down the road. Unfortunately, current solutions are either too cumbersome or require compliance burdens that are unreasonable for the typical landlord.

Do I need a site inspection?

No. With Rentobo, you no longer have to have a separate office or site inspection to check your applicant’s credit. This allows you to focus on what you do best while avoiding the headaches associated compliance and recordkeeping.

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