3 Great Ways to Improve Your Occupancy

tenantriskverification April 16, 2012 0
by Ryan Green

As the renting population continues to increase, so does the competition between properties looking to attract new tenants.  While there are still tenants just looking for a place to live, there is also a demographic searching for the best property that will satisfy all of their needs.  Here are some tips on how to broaden your properties appeal to a larger group of apartment seekers:

Be Dynamic: Not all renters are the same!  Simply by rearranging your standard list of amenities to be ordered based on what different renters might be looking for you can push yourself higher on their list of ideal locations.  For an applicant that has children, have a list that highlights features such as a playground or movie rental area.  When being considered, these points might separate you from the pack.


Be Accessible: Half of U.S. cell phone users have a smart phone¹! If your property doesn’t allow tenants methods of contacting you quickly through their smart phone, then you might be losing out on a huge section of the renting population.  Have a mobile friendly site, or at the very least an easily accessible link on your site for people to email, call, or connect to you via social media.


Be Quick: Telling an applicant they need to wait 24-48 hours for approval is more than enough time for them to sign a lease elsewhere.  Once you have them interested enough to fill out the application, make sure your screening process can not only be completed in moments, but also protect you by providing all of the information you need.  If you have this available, use it as a selling point to demonstrate how quickly you can take care of their needs, right from the start.

Source : cicreports

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