What You Should Know About Tenant Screening

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As a landlord, it is important that you take the time to do a thorough and in-depth investigation of all potential renters. You want your rental property to maintain its high standards and you can only do this by making sure that the person you rent to is reliable and a low-risk renter. By performing upfront tenant screening, your chances are high that the person you rent to will treat your property with the respect it deserves.

Take the time to screen potential renters before you sign any final papers and allow them to move in.Keep several things in mind when you are interviewing a person to rent your property. If you should have to evict your renter at a future date, you face high legal costs. These costs can run more than $4000.00 each time you evict a renter.

And, your court costs continue to mount up if you are owed several months back rent payments. During the time you are in court trying to collect your rent, you potentially are losing monthly payments from a reliable renter. As you are probably aware, you could wait months before actually getting a court date to evict a bad renter. In the meantime, you may have to put up with someone who not only doesn’t pay but destroys your property as well.One way to help you with future court costs is to require that your potential renter pay some upfront fees. These can include pet and application fees, security deposits and so on. Also, your potential renter is more likely to maintain your property well if you tell him or her that the security deposit is refundable at a later date. Make your deposits reasonable but high enough to avoid dealing with just anyone who might wander in off the street.Be sure to include a thorough criminal background check during your tenant screening process. It is important that you do this before you sign the lease. Background checks will eliminate a potential renter that has a criminal background and may save you from disaster down the road. Even if the background check shows nothing to be concerned about, it is a wise decision for you to monitor any ongoing activities that occur on your property. By doing so, you likely will detect anything dangerous or illegal that could put you and/or or property at risk.For the most part, people who rent from you are honest, reliable and good citizens. Keep in mind that there are some potential renters who you simply want to avoid at all costs. Some renters give a positive first impression but really are not what they appear to be. By doing adequate tenant screening, you more than likely will eliminate and discourage bad renters from applying and, most important, ever occupying your home and property.

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